Social Media Optimization

Just like search engine optimization (SEO) is a must to increase your online visibility, Social Media Optimization (SMO) is one of the hottest approaches in recent times to make your online marketing strategy stronger. The internet space is an expansive world and there are many more ways apart from search engines that drive traffic to your website. Social media sites like blogs, Facebook, Google+, etc. are driving this revolution and your business must be ready to adapt to this trend that is here to stay.


So what is social media optimization? It is the process of incorporating social media channels to increase the awareness of a particular brand online. Awareness can be driving traffic to the website, generating a positive buzz amongst social circles and even consumption of content by means of sharing, viral popularity, etc. Social media includes social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.); blogging sites; social news and bookmarking sites (Reddit, Digg, etc.).

We at BigSeoPro understand the increasing importance of SMO and offer smart solutions to cover this front for you. We offer services like creating rich shareable content for your website which is the key to increase its linkability quotient. You will have your offering across many platforms like blogs and bookmarking sites that will generate many quality links for you that will in turn help in your ranking. Offering you tips and ideas to make your website friendly for the social cloud is what we do best. Understanding your business and accordingly recognizing your target audience helps us device the best plan for you.

Another important factor to consider SMO is that it is closely related to SEO. Search engines take into consideration a brand’s social signals while ranking it. Google’s introduction of Google Authorship that requires content generators to link all their online work to one space – their Google+ profiles, is the proof that a brand’s waves across social media matter to search engines. Since we identify with both SEO and SMO, we can marry the two and provide you optimum results efficiently at the best prices.

Don’t underestimate the influence of social media on your online popularity. Since more and more people look for resources online, it is best if you are ready with what your customers are looking for. Seeking the services of a professional SEO company can provide a great momentum to your online promotional activities.