iPad Application Development

At Aparajayah, we are excited about the emergence of a Tablet PC platform and passionate about developing on it, because it opens up new opportunities for innovation, especially in the fields of usability and connectivity. Multi-touch, a major step towards a natural user interface, diminishes much of the learning curve and drastically increases usability for a wide range of applications. High-speed internet connectivity makes it possible to use cloud’s computational capacity, paving the way for ever lighter and more portable devices without sacrificing computation capabilities. Apple’s iPad has introduced a critical mass and opened up the Tablet PC market for a rapid development of a user base, the underlying technology, and application opportunities.

Aparajayah is especially interested in working with clients who have long-term Tablet PC strategy and who are taking advantage of unique aspects of Tablet computing –multi-touch, high-speed connectivity, multi-media capabilities and mobile sensors (accelerometer, GPS, etc).


  • Custom iPad application development
  • iPhone apps optimizing for iPad
  • iPhone to iPad application migration and porting
  • iPad, iPhone, iTouch software engineering
  • iPad content delivery solutions
  • Apple app store certification and submission
  • iPad & iPhone QA, Testing, Stabilization
  • Integration with Cloud services
  • Integration with sensors and third-party