Android Application Development

Android Application Development

Android is a terrific choice for app development if you believe it resonates with your business objectives. It is the most popular operating system for mobile application development and the best part is that it is open source. Hence, it is growing every day and we are proud participants of this fastest growing development. You can expect a high degree of customization from Android, to suit all your needs without compromising on the reach of your app. This strategy works really well for brands and businesses that are aiming at a 360 degree marketing approach.

Other benefits that you can expect are:

  • Improved support for a variety of devices in your marketing plan.
  • Easy upgrades and version changes, that are cost effective.
  • Non-elitist placement of your message/brand.
  • Expandable set of features with negligible time to market.
  • Enormous support from Google and the open source community.

There are various reasons for esteeming android application development. The hefty customer base that it offer, helps in making business with huge number of population. We can competitively scale up an already existing model to bring a positive transformation through these applications. There is more liberty of development in the android market, as compared to iOS, and hence, it helps in exploring even more prospects to make innovative applications. Also, the ample libraries which are available for graphics, videos, etc. assist us in choosing the best possibilities for current needs of the client.


Why choose us?

What do you envision as the perfect mobile app for your business or unique idea? Is it an intuitive app designed to inspire your target customer base to interact with your organization? Or do you require a technologically advanced mobile app that can handle the most difficult of tasks? If yes, then we are definitely suited to meet your unique requirements for we bring to the table:

  • The ability to incorporate business processes into app development
  • A detailed work approach.
  • Multiple platform customization and
  • Device marketing strategy to produce the “noise” your android app deserves.

Our fervor for technologies assists us in making the android apps more responsive, smooth and user friendly. We deeply enjoy the development on this platform because of its flexibility, freedom and wider range of potentials which lures in exploring more and more!

Aparajayah, we are firm believers in letting your personality and business goals/values shine through your android applications and we stick to this philosophy by going through these 5 basic steps in customizing your app:

The Inception:

At first contact, we initiate a consultation process with the specific purpose of discussing your ideas and goals with the purpose of mapping out a design strategy for your mobile application

The Design:

Covers the development of the navigation features, user-interface and aesthetic build of your application, according to the set specifications.

Development process:

Involves iterative coding, programming of basic features and developing a prototype according to the scope of work specified in the inception stage.

Testing and Deployment:

we perform extensive test across three levels—internal testing, user testing and random testing—for performance grading before providing you with the final android app.

Release and Post Production:

At this stage, we release the customized android app and work simultaneously with you to ensure that your project engage the right channels for maximum distribution

Project Closure:

They say with every beginning comes an end but at Aparajayah, every ending is a new start we seek and expect your feedback while also documenting the above process for future engagements.