Open Source Customization

Open Source Customization

Aparajayah is one of the leading web development companies pioneering in providing open source integration and customization for PHP Development. We offer our exclusive Open Source Integration service to the corporations requiring high quality, on-time and affordable open source deployments. Through the various open source applications, Aparajayah aids to uplift user productivity, streamline business processes over your company.

Magento Customization:

Magento is considered to be a very rich and powerful platform that is used by thousands of different businesses. Even with all types of Magento extensions available, they still hardly offer all the features needed and that’s where Technomeet can help you in achieving. We have been doing Magento customization since many years and do our best to get the perfect understanding of our client’s needs. This helps us in becoming Magento professionals.

Joomla Customization:

Joomla is one of the most powerful open source content management systems which are written in PHP language and that use SQL as a database.Joomla Customizationis used to turn simple and personal homepages into corporate web applications by using other dynamic applications like RSS feeds, Blogging, Photo Galleries and E-Magazines. We here have a separate and outrageous team for Joomla that specializes in Joomla Website Design & Development services in order to meet all kinds of web requirements for our clients.

WordPress Customization:

Though the use of templates and widgets are made,WordPress blog scan be customized further to make the complete use of customization techniques that are available. This customization is easy because it comes equipped with all types of necessary tools. In the same way WordPress also comes with themes that can be customized further. It comes with features like integrated link management, cleaning permalinks and supports for tagging posts and articles.

Drupal Customization:

Drupal open source content management system comes with several features like user account registration, maintenance support; RSS feed integration, Newsletters, Peer to Peer networking, file uploading and downloading and menu management. Drupal based website can be a single or multiuser blog for handling user generated data. Thus, Drupal customization utilizes a database to manage the content in varied formats.

OsCommerce Customization:

OsCommerce is a full functioned open source shopping cart that can be customized further using your requirements. So a customer’s first requirement is to look for a customized design template that can reflect the company’s brand. With the support of active developers, it becomes easy to add most of the versions of OsCommerce. OsCommerce can be further customized using the following service.

  •  Integration with thirds party software’s.
  •  Complete Custom Design
  •  Integration with CRM tools.
  •  Custom reporting like product and customer trends.

To conclude, Aparajayah offers services which are close to client’s expectations and which ultimately enables the clients to turn their business goals into reality.