Do You Buzz Clone

We are happy to announce that DoYouBuzz  have partnered to make it easier to create a resume with the company. Job seekers with Aparajayah can now take advantage of the features and simple interface for which DoYouBuzz is known. Aparajayah talent pool can now create an elegant online resume that presents them in a professional way. This online resume can also be shared in PDF or Word format. Through the partnership, DoYouBuzz enables job seekers with Aparajayah to: 1. create a professional resume from within their account on 2. use this resume in their wider job search efforts. Aparajayah, CEO of DoYouBuzz, explains, “We are very pleased that Aparajayah has enabled its members to create a “DoYouBuzz” resume. With this resume, we hope to not only help Aparajayah job seekers promote their professional profile but also to offer a new tool for visualizing these applicants for Aparajayah recruiters.” This partnership with DoYouBuzz is part of Aparajayah larger initiative to make it easier for its job seekers and continent workforce to find jobs. Existing DoYouBuzz users can connect their resume to Aparajayah resume-base by visiting the site.


We have created an online Proposal Planner so you can get started with us.